Frequently Asked Questions

As a male masseur in Leicester, I offer a range of services, including slow full body, sensual deep tissue massage. I also provide treatments for specific conditions like sciatica using rotating movements of the hip joints. Additionally, I offer additional services such as yoni massage, prostate massage, and genital massage upon prior request.

I have over 25 years of hands-on experience in providing massage services.

To book a massage appointment or to obtain further information, you can contact me, Mark, via phone or text at 07902927499. Alternatively, you can reach out via email at I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I offer different types of massages, including deep tissue and Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is suitable for individuals who require deeper work and can tolerate more pressure. It helps relieve muscle pain and aids in muscle recovery from excessive strain, making it beneficial for sports enthusiasts. Swedish massage is a more common type of massage, suitable for newcomers to massages. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and provides a full-body experience.

Getting a massage from a qualified professional can have several benefits. A relaxing massage can help relax muscle tissue, leading to increased joint space and range of motion, decreased nerve compression, and improved function. It can also improve overall circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells while removing waste products. Massage therapy can be beneficial for treating inflammatory conditions like edema and arthritis. Moreover, it induces a relaxation response, lowering heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, boosting the immune system, and reducing the physical effects of stress.

Yes, I provide fully mobile massage services, meaning I can come to your home or hotel in Leicester. This offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to enjoy the massage in the comfort of your own space.

Yes, my massage services are available to everyone, regardless of their sexuality or ethnic origin. I strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience for all clients.

Yes, I offer treatments specifically designed to help alleviate the painful symptoms of conditions like sciatica. By using rotating movements of the hip joints, I can provide relief and support for individuals dealing with sciatica. Additionally, massage therapy can be beneficial for conditions like arthritis by reducing inflammation and improving joint mobility.

My massages are tailored to relax both the mind and body, promoting a sense of relaxation and stress reduction. By targeting muscle tightness, reducing aches and pains, and improving circulation, my massages help release tension and promote a state of calm and well-being.

Yes, I offer additional services upon prior request. These include yoni massage, prostate massage, and genital massage. If you have specific preferences, please inform me before booking.

A typical massage session can vary in duration, depending on your preference and needs. I offer flexible options, allowing you to choose the duration that suits you best. Whether you prefer a shorter session for targeted areas or a longer session for a more comprehensive experience, I can accommodate your preferences.

The level of undressing during the massage is entirely up to your comfort level. I prioritise your comfort and privacy throughout the session. You can undress to your comfort level, and I will ensure that you are properly draped with a sheet or towel during the massage to maintain your privacy and modesty.

To prepare for a massage session, it is recommended to take a warm shower or bath before your appointment to help relax your muscles. Avoid eating a heavy meal immediately before the session, as this may cause discomfort during the massage. It is also advisable to communicate any allergies, sensitivities, or specific preferences regarding massage oils or lotions. Lastly, arrive at the appointment with an open mind and a willingness to let go of any tension or stress, allowing yourself to fully enjoy the experience of the massage.